Delicious Chicken Corn Beer Pork at Weekend

Delicious Chicken Corn Beer Pork at Weekend

Espresso is the base of a variety of popular coffee dishes. Such as cappuccino, machiatto or americano. Coffee lovers need to recognize in order to order properly.

While in the coffee shop, in addition to espresso there are various other coffee drinks offered. Almost all use the espresso base as a mixture. Summarized from Organic Authority (18/03), the following types of coffee drinks formulated from espresso.

1. Espresso
Basically espresso is a dark coffee served in 30 ml size called 1 shot. Espresso is made through the coffee process sprayed hot water through the machine. The result is a dark liquid with crema and bubble air bubbles formed from oil pressure in the coffee beans.

The thicker the crema, the higher the quality of the coffee beans. Espresso served in a small glass (demitasse) size 118ml, this drink has a flavor and tend to bitter.

2. Americano
If you want to taste the espresso while inhaling the aroma, you can order americano. This drink is a mixture of 1 shot of espresso and hot water, usually served in a 178 ml-sized cup. The taste of espresso is still strong and bitter, but slightly diluted with water. If it feels less concentrated, you can order a doppio that uses 2 shot espresso.

3. Macchiato
Well, for those of you who do not like the taste of bitter, machhiato could be an option. It’s still thick. To reduce the flavor of a very strong espresso added steamed milk mix or hot milk. Macchiato is also served with demitasse. Most big cafes like Starbucks serve macchiato with a large dose of milk, so it tastes sweet. To enjoy a cup of macchiato with the right flavor, make sure you ask for a barista to reduce the milk and unsweetened milk.

4. Cortado
Derived from Spain, cortado is similar to cafe au lait, but smaller and more concentrated. This drink is made with a mixture of espresso and steamed milk without the same amount of foam. Milk works to reduce the bitterness and acidity of espresso without reducing the caffeine boost in this relatively small drink, about 118 ml per cup.

5. Cappuccino
Cappuccino is one of the most popular types of coffee drinks. Cappuccino mixed with espresso and steamed milk. Most cappuccino is served in large portions, when in fact the dose of cappuccino serving is only about 88 ml – 177 ml depending on the espresso used.

To make these barista drinks use a 1: 1 ratio between espresso and steamed milk, but most big cafes increase milk dosage to make it sweeter. Make sure that your cappuccino has the right dose to keep the cappuccino taste authentic.

6. Flat white
Many are confused with this one coffee drink. Some people think that this includes latte drinks, some also think flat white is a cappuccino without foam.

Whereas flat white is a microfoam drink made from milk that is heated until a small bubble appears. Usually the amount of microfoam is 60 ml, and mixed with two shot espresso, then stirred until fused.

7. Latte
In addition to cappuccio, latte is also a favorite and famous coffee drink worldwide. Although it looks easy, it turns out how to make a latte is not arbitrary. There are still many wrong baristas. Latte blended using unsweetened espresso. With a 2: 1 ratio, between milk and espresso.

Steamed milk is poured into an espresso with a foam layer, without whipped cream. Latte itself is famous as a canvas for the barista for creativity, so many beautiful latte art look, but it also tastes sweet.

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