Eating the Best Fruit When Empty Stomach or After Eating?

Eating the Best Fruit When Empty Stomach or After Eating?

Some call good fruits consumed before eating. But there are also those who believe that fruit is more effective to eat after eating. It’s the nutritionist’s answer.

Fruits are very good for the body. In addition to containing water also contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids, and fiber that the body needs. Therefore, eating fruits every day is recommended even routine.

However there are some opinions related to good fruit eating time. It is said that eating fruit on an empty stomach, the body will easily absorb all the nutrients that exist in the fruit. According to some, this can actually increase the production of acid in the stomach. So, when exactly the right fruit-eating time?


“There are no good and bad fruit-eating times: Fruits are healthy and nutrient-rich, so they’re good to eat at any time of the day.You can eat them on an empty stomach or after meals.If you eat too much, to eat fruit, “said a nutritionist from India named Dr. Guali Datta.

A few years later the experts made a special study about eating fruit on an empty stomach. According to them, eating fruit after eating heavy foods can slow down the digestive process as reported by Food NDTV (19/3).

Therefore the fruit eaten after eating will last longer in the stomach. This causes the gas in the stomach and makes the stomach uncomfortable. This expert opinion is disputed by some people.

They believe that slowing digestion can make time full longer. Therefore it does not matter if eating fruit in an empty stomach or after eating.

But if you want to eat fruit in an empty stomach, you should avoid citrus fruits. A study revealed that eating oranges before meals could increase the production of acid in the stomach. Moreover, eating pink fruit that has a lot of fiber. This can cause digestion to slow down.

An expert ayurveda origin Inda also argue the same. According to Dr. Dhanvanti Tyagi, there is no specific time to consume fruit. But people who have stomach problems should not eat oranges when the stomach is empty.

So you can eat fruit before or after meals. It’s just that you need to choose which types of fruit can be consumed on an empty stomach and have eaten.

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